Tiger Lilly Cafe | Port Jefferson, NY

Tiger Lilly Cafe blends art, music, and food to become a cultural hotspot on Long Island. Located on East Main Street in Port Jefferson this, vegetarian eatery offers more than alternative cuisine.

Known for its wraps and salads, this café includes a full juice bar with an array of options including soy smoothies, protein shakes, fresh juices and wheat-grass shots.

Specializing but not limited to vegetarian foods, Tiger Lily gives the Port Jeff community an alternative to a high-fat, high-cholesterol and low-fiber diets, which many have become accustomed to.

In 1998, owner and chef Lisa Cucinello teamed up with catering and baking experienced mother Joanne to create a long dreamt out eatery, which blended food and the arts and culturally influenced the harbor town of Port Jeff.

With help of a tight-knit family, this local eatery has attracted patrons from all over Long Island and has been featured in notable mentions in Newsday, LI Voice, News 12, Energy Times, AOL City Guide and The New York Times.

The café is known to showcase local artists and musicians something that sets it apart from other eateries. Medusa’s lounge is a perfect cozy spot for musicians and artists to display original works.

With colorful artwork hung all around, comfy coffee-house style seating the atmosphere of Tiger Lily Cafe has the essence of New Orleans but the heart of Greenwich Village. Whether munching through a fresh health nut recipe or sipping a warm brewed espresso is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner and everything in between.

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