Roti Dessert | Chiang Mai, Thailand

Walking down the streets in Chiang Mai, Thailand there is much food to be smelled and eaten with various vendors on every corner. The smell of chili powder and fish oil can be inhaled from numerous noodle dishes. The taste of curry soups ruminate in the air, but there is one cart that can not be passed by.

This is not the nan of New Delhi and it sure isn’t the crepes of Paris, this is the crispy Thai dessert, Roti. This Thai dessert with Muslim origins is most popularly served as a snack with sweetened condensed milk, white sugar, banana or even chocolate.

Just a few blocks over from the Chiang Mai night Bazaar, two women stand beneath the colorful banner of their roti stand. Thai conversation is muffled by the sizzling sounds of the wok and a laptop sits behind the two cooks to catch up on the latest news.

Once surrendering the tasty, sweet and savory treat, a customary “Kob Khun Ka/Krap,” (Thank you in Thai) is the last ingredient before enjoying!

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