Basso56 | Manhattan

Close your eyes and imagine the deep hue of Italian red wine staining your upper lip. Feel the silky smooth trickle of olive oil drip from fresh bread. Taste the hearty herbs evenly distributed within tomato sauce served over rigatoni.

Basso56 brings Italian cuisine to a new level. The eggplant infused tomato sauce melts the palate while the homemade fresh mozzarella has an authentic texture like no other.

Born and raised within the region of Abruzzo, Italy, owner and chef Paolo Catini brings southern Italy to midtown Manhattan with family-inspired recipes and an intuition for food that stems back to childhood.

“I’m delighted to bring my modern evolution of classic regional Italian culinary creations made with the finest fresh ingredients to New York’s midtown,” Catini said. “We’ve created an oasis of delicious, fresh, ever-changing fare, and nothing makes me happier than to see our local customers come in several times a week for lunch or dinner.”

Basso56 has been eulogized by TripAdvisor, The New York Times, Yelp and received a 24 rating by Zagat.

With a narrow yet simple, modern decor this Italian restaurant provides high-quality cuisine for a reasonable price, knowledgeable and experienced service. But most of all, one can escape the busy New York City streets and become immersed in rich, elegant Italian culture suspended from American life for one meals time.

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