Barito Tacos & Cocktails | Port Jefferson

(Photo/Yelp/Katie H.)

This spacious Mexican style restaurant and bar is the next hotspot in the quaint village of Port Jefferson.

Located above Starbucks, Barito replaced The Arden with a completely refurbished look. Now it has brightly painted walls and basket lighting fixtures that set a low key mood during dining hours.

Yes, there have been clear updates to this space, but it’s the food that really catches the taste buds. Chef Steven Scalesse who is head chef at Tullulah’s in Bay Shore has created a classic Mexican menu with a twist.

Scalesse takes a simple papusa and makes it completely gourmet topped with a special sauce and homemade slaw. Meals are plated to perfection and look like a dish from the Food Network.

There was nothing more shocking than the burritos that came out of the kitchen. These burritos have to be at least 10 inches long and (all jokes aside,) it is not humanly possible to fit something that large into one’s mouth.

Your mouth will drop from utter shock of the size of the burritos and it still won’t be open enough to fit in your mouth. If you don’t go to sit at the bar and enjoy one of Baritos numerous specialty margs, at least go to bear witness to the ginormous burritos.

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