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It is with great pleasure that Long Island Grub is presented! This culturally and tasty influenced blog stands to début the unseen gems of eatery on Long Island.

From fresh Atlantic seafood to the omnipresent Italian cuisine industry represented by pizzerias, there is much to taste between Nassau County and Montauk.

Long Island Grub will leave your mouth salivating through words and your taste buds yearning through images. The question is, what is on the menu?

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-about me-

New York-based professional striving to marry a passion for the written word with creative thought by finding a harmonious balance between creation and innovation.

My name is Juliette Ferraro and I am a young professional who just kicked off my career in digital marketing. My work consists of but is not limited to journalism, marketing, social media, video production and graphic design.

The Internet is a rapidly growing industry and I see how important aesthetic presentation is in a world that is so visually oriented. I have a knack for visual, creative projects making Instagram a very large platform to promote longislandgrub.com.

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