4 Haunted Restaurants of Long Island

Long Island is known for its beaches, and its delectable delis but there are a few restaurants and bars that are known specifically for their legends of ghosts. Long Island has a rich history, but the four eateries we’ve gathered have a past of myths and legends of the supernatural.

Country House Restaurant (Stony Brook, NY)

The Country House Restaurant was built in 1710 and was used as a farm by its first owner. For the past 300 years the house is said to be haunted by one of its first residents, Annette Williamson. In the 1800’s English actor, Thomas Haddaway made the Country House his home where he and his neighbor, William Sidney Mount would hold regular spiritual seances.

The restaurant was voted the most romantic restaurant by AOL in 2007, and today the restaurant has a menu that updates monthly with decor that changes with the seasons.

Pizza Hut (Centereach, NY)

Strange things have been happening at a Pizza Hut in Centereach. Before it was a Pizza Hut, this fast food joint was a Jack in the Box where it is rumored that a death occured in the bathroom.

Today, ghostly whispers can be heard from the bathroom and patrons have felt odd cold spots in the restaurant. Meanwhile the employees are convinced that ghosts push pots and pans off shelves at random.

D.S. Shanahan’s (Kings Park, NY)

This local bar in Kings Park backs up to the famed Psychiatric Center and has some ghost stories of its own that are worth sharing. Guests and employees alike have witnessed a ghostly woman lingering in the halls and even sitting at the bar, before vanishing in plain sight when attempting to get a closer look. It has been speculated that the building was formerly a brothel and the woman seen on the occasion was one of the woman who worked there.

Katie’s of Smithtown (Smithtown, NY)

Katie’s of Smithtown is a bar where spirits aren’t only served, but can be seen wandering around and about as well.

Today, Katie’s of Smithtown is a well-known bar on Long Island, but before it was a popular pub, Katie’s was a hospital. In 1909 this hospital burned down and was rebuilt in 1920 when it became a speakeasy during the prohibition era. Over the years many guests have experienced paranormal activity of those who perished in the fire.

Guests claim to have seen mysterious figures wandering the bar wearing late 19th century garb. When nobody is occupying the main floor upstairs, footsteps are heard from the basement. There have even been reports of toilet seats flying shut in the women’s bathroom.

Know of any other haunted eateries on Long Island? Let us know in the comments section. Long Island Grub wishes you all a spooky and creepy halloween night!

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